Web Design - Is Your Website Turning Visitors into Customers?

Web design is one of those areas where first impressions are everything. The first impression a business makes is with its website, and this first impression is crucial when turning visitors into customers. If it is not a positive experience potential customers are lost. Unfortunately, this happens all too often and most companies are unaware it. They don’t have a way to track visitors and analyse crucial data, which can be used to target marketing efforts and measure its effectiveness. A company can spend quite a bit on web design, but if it’s not done right it could be a large waste of money and resources. The website can be aesthetically pleasing and have a lot of traffic, but if it’s not turning visitors into clients, all that money and time has been for nothing. However, there is a way to avoid this pitfall. The best solution is to hire a professional design agency.

Companies often don’t know how to best represent their brand or know how to structure and design a website to optimise the reader’s experience. It’s not their fault, either. Most are not in the business of web design and are ill equipped to do so. Many websites are poorly written, unable to evoke emotion from the reader. Also, many websites have poor functionality making it cumbersome for the reader to figure out why they need to buy the company’s product or use their services. Functionality can include how “clickable” the site is or making sure the reader doesn’t feel lost. Lastly, though probably most damaging, is a website lacking a sense of purpose. A company must highlight their unique selling point in a clear and succinct way to generate business. A company may know what this is and yet not be able to clearly express it. A creative web design agency can help with each of these issues.

Choose the Right Design Agency

Companies need a design agency that has a track record for turning visitors into customers and are able to prove it with case studies. Creatrix Digital is a Bristol design agency that uses insight, creativity and technology to design innovative, functional websites that represent each client’s uniqueness. This uniqueness is highlighted in engaging content. Their team of talented specialists keep abreast of the latest developments and trends in the field. They use technology to track analytics, showing how many visitors are received monthly, where they’re based, what search words they used, what device they are viewing from and even what pages they viewed for how long. After making changes to a client’s website, Creatrix Digital not only retained visitors for longer, but also increased conversions to clients by over 100%. This is why 99% of Creatrix Digital’s business comes from repeat customers and referrals.

Creatrix Digital is a creative design agency with superior customer service as shown, not only in their client retention rate, but also with their abundant client testimonials. They have worked for some of the most well known international companies, such as Heineken and Life Fitness. One company founder said he was “…very impressed with the changes made to my website and have noticed an increase in both sales and enquiries since the updates have been in place.” Creatrix Digital did this by enhancing the content, increasing functionality and highlighting the company’s purpose. Another client stated, "The unique branding and special website was a major contributor to the success of the first event and I have received LOTS OF feedback from delegates and exhibitors complimenting the quality of this. A first rate service at a fair price." This client was the benefit of a bounce rate brought below the average and a sold out exhibition due to the website design.